Our speech-language pathologists provide an in-depth assessment of the following areas as needed: language
(comprehension and expression), articulation, stuttering, voice, oral motor skills, auditory processing (a screening), and swallowing.


After the evaluation, your speech-language pathologist develops an individual treatment plan. This plan targets areas that need to be improved.

Language Development
Areas Include:
  • Comprehension of Language
  • Expression of ideas into words and sentences
  • Social language skills
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Areas include:
  • Delayed speech sound development
  • Phonological (classes of sounds) disorders
  • Oral motor disorders (tongue thrust)
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We provide therapy for:
  • Therapy for stuttering in young children
  • Therapy for stuttering in teens and adults
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Apraxia of Speech
  • A motor planning disorder which affects speech
  • Experienced with childhood apraxia of speech
  • Experienced with apraxia in adults
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